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1 What is the benefit of buying a trust deed from this website ?
2 Does the trust deed allow all types of investments & choices?
3 Can all types of pensions be paid under the SMSF trust deed?
4 What new measures are included in the SMSF trust deed ?
5 Is the website secure and will the details be provided to any marketing company?
If you purchase a trust deed from us you will have
  • up-to-date trust rules,
  • access to trust deed 24/7,
  • documents are in plain English and easy to understand,
  • your funds auditor will have confidence that the fund rules are complying and are up to date
With our Trust deed, trustees can choose
  • any bank and any investment if allowed by its Investment strategy and SIS Act, basically trustees control the bank account and all investments,
  • any accountant, auditor, SMSF adviser, administrator or wrap account operator,
  • all investment decisions, management decisions, Pensions withdrawal decisions, within the SIS Act limits,
  • to keep the fund's records, minutes in any way they like,
  • any life insurance policies, for its members .
Our Trust deed allow trustees to be paid
  • Allocated pensions,
  • Transition to Retirement Pensions,
  • Market linked pensions also known as TAP (term allocated pensions) up to the limit SIS Act allows (20th September 2007),
  • Continued defined benefit pensions to be paid which are wholly determined by reference to term life, period or life expectancy which commenced before they further pensions were disallowed by SIS Act,
  • Our current SMSF PDS includes all the budget measures announced on 10th May 2006 and will allow the new account based pension when legislated.
Our SMSF Trust Deed was prepared after the simple super rules were legislated on 15th March 2007. Our Trust Deed includes all the latest strategies and rules, such as:-
  • Market Linked, or Term Allocated Pensions - Transition to Retirement Pension (non-commutable pensions),
  • New Account Based Pension
  • Divorce and Super Splitting,
  • Government Co-contribution scheme,
  • Binding Death Nominations,
  • Interdependent Relationships for Beneficiaries,
  • Contributions Splitting to Spouse,
  • Removal of cashing restrictions for individuals over age 65 and not working.
We do not provide your details to any marketing company, please read our Privacy Policy for further details. Our Website is secured by GeoTrust: Websites secured by QuickSSL are utilizing 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can be rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure

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