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All documents are delivered via email after making credit card payment. All documents can be professionally printed/bound and delivered anywhere in Australia starting from $65. All trust deeds and related documents are stored on our website and can be downloaded 24/7.

Our Fees are as follows:

Our Services
(Email Only)
(Email & Paper Copy)
Delivered anywhere in Australia
Instant Proprietary Company (including $512.00 ASIC Fees) $625.00 $690.00
Constitution, Consents & Registers for already registered Company $148.50 $213.50
Division 7A Agreement $65.00 $130.00
Business Name Registration
Business Name Registration – 1 Year $78.00 N.A.
Business Name Registration – 3 Years $134.00 N.A.
SMSF Deeds
New SMSF Trust $148.50 $213.50
New SMSF Trust + Trustee Company (ASIC Fees) $250.00 $338.00
SMSF Trust Deed Update (Amend all your current governing rules to ours) $148.50 $213.50
SMSF Unlimited Updates for Five Years Sold together with "New SMSF" or with "Update your SMSF Trust Deed" $300.00 -
New SMSF Trust Deed + Unlimited Updates for Five Years $448.50 $513.50
Trust Deeds
Discretionary Family Trust $148.50 $213.50
Discretionary Family Trust + Trustee Company (ASIC Fees) $250.00 $338.00
Unit Trust $148.50 $213.50
Unit Trust + Trustee Company (ASIC Fees) $250.00 $338.00
Fixed Unit Trust (Land Tax Deed or SIS Reg. 13.22 C Trust Deed) $275.00 $340.00
Fixed Unit Trust + Trustee Company (ASIC Fees) $372.50 $460.50
SMSF Tools
Account Based Pension Documents $248.50 $313.50
Deed of Confirmation (for Lost SMSF Deed) $248.50 $313.50
Adding a Member OR Deleting a Member $248.50 $313.50
Change Individual Trustee to Corporate Trustee $248.50 $313.50
Change Corporate Trustee to Individual Trustee $248.50 $313.50
Change Corporate Trustee to Corporate Trustee $248.50 $313.50
Declaration of Trust $220.00 -
SMSF Loan Agreement $220.00 -
Binding Death Nomination $75.00 -
SMSF Borrowing
Borrowing From External Lender (Bank) $248.50 $313.50
Borrowing From Related Party $495.00 $560.00
Actuarial Certificate
Actuarial Certificate - Sec 295-390 of the ITAA 1997 $97.50 -
Property Inspection
Quantity Surveyor Report $495.00 -
Advertise your Vacancy Free -
All our prices include 10% GST and surcharge for
For clarity of all doubts, no credit card surcharge is charged above the below fees
All Documents includes which require signature
digital Signature is included in our price
We are linked with All new Registration for ABN + GST+ TFN is included in our price.


I would like to express my thanks to Trust Deed for another excellent and prompt service. I have used you several times now and will continue to do so and have recommended your service to others as well. I especially was very impressed with the quality assurance check that followed behind the scenes to ensure my incorporations were spot on and within legal requirements. Well done Trust Deed and look forward to using you again.

Sylvia MacFarlaine
CPA / Lending Specialist
Finance Direct

Simple to use, easy to correct any mistakes for a one finger typist.

Paul Guy
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