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SMSF Trust Deed

Information - SMSF Trust Deed - Cost $137.5 (Incl. GST)
$220 (Incl. GST) If bundled with Corporate Trustee

Our system instantly automatically generates a legal Deed and all required documents to create your Self Managed Super Fund and instantly emails them to you.

By using our online system you can build a Self Managed Super Fund Trust Deed in less than 20 minutes and receive instant email of;

  • Trust Deed of your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) including a Product Disclosure Statement prepared by a specialist superannuation law firm: Batallion Legal;
  • All related legal documents such as, Consents for members to become trustees, Minutes of Members / Trustees to set up fund, Generic investment strategy, Applications to become members, Non-binding beneficiary nomination forms;
  • Instruction sheet on what to do next that is, how to open bank accounts, share broker accounts; how to apply for Tax File Number & Australian Business Number & Fund to be a complying fund with ATO; how to roll over existing funds to your Self Managed Super Fund prepared by Mr. Manoj Abichandani who has worked in SMSF Space as an accountant, Registered Tax Agent and auditor for over two decades with a SMSF specialist CPA firm advising clients on complex SMSF strategies and has vast experience in setting up tax structures for clients.

Our top quality legal documents come with the lowest online price tag in Australia.

Money back guarantee:
if you do not like our legal documents for any reason we will be happy to return our fees without asking any questions.

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Our SMSF Trust Deed and Documents

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Our SMSF Trust Deed and legal documents are written by Batallion Legal; providers of the most technically robust Self Managed Super Fund trust deeds - a niche, multicultural, corporate and commercial law firm, with specialist expertise in tax and superannuation.

Our deeds have been written with input from Manoj Abichandani SMSF Specialist Adviser SSA (R) and suit all practical situations for usage by both trustees and their advisors

  • Click here to read why you should use our SMSF trust deed.
  • Our trust deed and other related legal documents are written in plain English and are easy and simple to read.
  • Governing rules are always up-to-date, when you purchase our 5 year unlimited update service; this way, accountants, advisors, administrators and auditors are assured that their clients funds have the same set of rules and are current; saving time in annual audit review. To read how 5 year unlimited upgrade service works Trustees Click here and Advisers Click here.
  • Time is not wasted searching for lost trust deeds, Users (advisors and trustees) have online access to their trust deeds on our innovative Document Manager, 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Our documents are constantly reviewed and updated as Government requirements change and specifically comply with SIS Act & Regulations.

Our unique electronic registration technology means we can offer the fastest service possible at a very reasonable price.

Bulk Updates for Accountants, Financial Planners and Advisors;

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Click here to download our bulk discount price list.

If you have 10 or more clients, we can visit your office to update your entire clients SMSF trust deeds to our system without any cost to you.

Or we can update all your clients SMSF trust deeds in our office and courier you printed copies of deed of variation and the new deed. We will need data of all your SMSF Clients from you to conduct this bulk update, Click here to download blank data excel file.

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Some of the benefits of using our system are :

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No need to buy SMSF Trust Deed from traditional shelf company formation providers, you can create your SMSF Trust Deed from specialists, instantly with us. Other benefits are:

  • Click here to read what documents are included in our email package;
  • For advisors, clients can sign all necessary legal documents whilst they wait, instead of second appointments for executing documents;
  • Our fees is only $137.5 (Incl. GST) ! By using our system you save time, energy and money for yourself and your clients;
  • You can keep your SMSF trust deed up to date (optional) by purchasing 5 years unlimited updates for an additional $165 click here for more information;
  • We can also print (optional), professionally bound in a deluxe indexed binder and express deliver anywhere in Australia to your nominated address for an additional fee of $65 (Incl. GST). (Click here for more information.);
  • Total cost of SMSF delivered to your door for next five years $367.5 (incl. GST) if you choose our Trust deeds 5 year unlimited update service;
  • You can manage all your legal documents on our smart document retrieval system. All documents are stored on our website for ever, secured by your user name and password, for future downloads.

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How It Works

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The process to build SMSF Trust Deed, takes less than 20 minutes

  • After you register with us, you simply log on to your secured area (protected by your user name and password) on our website, all SMSF legal documents are created and personalized with answers from you to our online cleverly designed easy questions.
  • All questions come with clues to answers and explanations. At completion of all questions, you confirm your answers to all the questions and pay us by credit card (Master card or Visa) or EFT or by cheque.
  • We instantly email your newly formed tailored SMSF Trust Deed and other related documents and instruction sheet for your needs, any time of day and any day 24/7.
  • We store your trust deed (password protected) on our website for you to download from anywhere 24/7 from our innovative document manager.

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I was able to accomplish this at home, on the internet and at my own convenience. The content of trustdeed website for my SMSF and Family Trust are very valuable and the support team were great in providing feedback and guidelines for the document setup. The team at were very helpful and pleasant to deal with.


We have found that using to update our SMSF Trust Deed and initiate our SMSF Pension to be very straightforward and at a very reasonable cost.
Manoj and staff were very helpful in guiding us through the process, and kept in contact with us through the Christmas and New Year holiday period, when all other companies were closed.
We would certainly recommend to anyone requiring similar services for their SMSF.

Andrew and Mary-Anne Ferridge
Trustees - SMSF

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