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This website provides a service, to use this service, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions of use. Please read them carefully. If you click I accept, you would be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept them, you may not be able to use our services. These terms and conditions are governed by and are to be read and interpreted according to the laws of New South Wales.


The parties agree as follows:


The parties agree as follows:

Storage and Security of Your Personal Information

In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires: its agents, officers, successors and advisors and 'we', 'our' and 'us' have a corresponding meaning;

our services' means the method used by us to provide you a trust deed and other documents. It includes a website interface and document delivery system which has been supported by online help.

"Fees" means the purchase price of trust deed or any annual charge, as per our list

party or parties means You and/or us as the context suggests;

Unlimited 5 year update service means unlimited downloads of updated trust deed for next 60 months from date of purchase of the service for one trust deed.

All the singular words include its plural meaning and vice versa, any reference to dollars and fees is in Australian dollars.


Trust Deed Service

We agree that we have tested our service and delivery of all trust deeds and other documents. The delivery to you will be error free. All information collected from you will be dealt with as per our privacy policy and will be secure. The documents purchased from our website will be delivered via email instantly or can be downloaded at any time using your user name and password.

Unlimited 5 year update service

We will deliver a trust deed or other document on payment. For renewal of our unlimited 5 year update service the fees may be paid 30 days in advance. We will send you an email to remind you to pay two times before the date. If we do not receive payment of unlimited 5 year update service by the anniversary date, we will assume that you are not interested in this renewal service and will cancel the service on the anniversary date.

We will not cancel your unlimited 5 year update service any time during the 60 month period from the date of purchase of service. If the renew period expires (anniversary date) and you do not renew your unlimited 5 year update service and If you want to continue our unlimited 5 year update service, you may have to first purchase our trust deed and then purchase the unlimited 5 year update service again.

Delivery Service

All communications or delivery of trust deeds and other documents you receive from us will be sent electronically via email. We take no responsibility if you do not receive emails due to a default in your computer system. If for any reason, you change your email identity, you will need to inform us with your current email address.


We agree that trust deed and other documents purchased from our website will be used by you. You agree that you will not copy the trust deed in whole or part without our permission. The solicitors who have drafted the legal document have allowed you to use the document once and you agree that you will not create another trust deed or other document by copying the purchased document. The trust deed or other document is provided in the form as it is delivered to you. You agree not to modify this document in any way.


You agree that we are not a legal firm and have no intention to give any legal advice. By using this service we are not giving any legal advice. Our service is to provide a legal document prepared by a law firm. Our services does not cover any financial advice and by using our services we do know if the trust deed (or any other document) is suitable to your needs or is appropriate to your tax situation.

We seek answers to questions, which you provide; based on answers to these questions we deliver trust deeds and other documents. Some of these questions have explanations, these explanations should not be construed as legal advice, they are provided to help you to answer the questions so that you are able to order a trust deed or a document.

You agree that you will indemnify us in relation to any cost, loss, liability, or damage that you or your client, or any party suffers from trust deed or other documents created due to inaccurate information provided by you or suitability of the particular trust deed or other documents or failing to seek legal advice.

All trust deeds are prepared by a law firm, we do not warrant the legality, commercial use or tax effect of these trust deeds. You are using our services knowing that you are in a particular circumstance and the document which you are purchasing from us is suitable to your needs. You also know your specific circumstance, purpose of using our service and know the consequence of using our trust deed or a document. We are assuming that you have taken legal advice and based on that advice using our services. We are not responsible for the choice you make regarding the trust deed or document that you purchase from our website.


You agree that information provided to deliver the trust deed is correct. If you give wrong information or do not understand the questions seeking information requested by us, the trust deed or other document will be prepared incorrectly. We will not be responsible for such errors caused by you. Our online support is provided to assist you; however any support will not be taken as legal advice. All trust deeds or other documents which you purchase from us, will include information collected from you. We are not responsible if any of that information is incorrect.


You agree that our website may contain inappropriate or inaccurate information. We may provide website address of advertisers, government websites or links to other websites, this we do so for your convenience and in no way endorse their services or information contained in their website. If you rely on information provided on these websites, you cannot hold us responsible, should they contain any misleading information. You are also agreeing to receive Newsletters, promotional emails and any other material from us or from our affiliates.


We do not warrant that our website will be always available for use or by use of our services you are free from computer viruses and do not warrant that it may not damage your computer or its storage capacity.


Our liability to you is up to the cost of purchase price of the trust deed or other document. By using our service there are no implied warranties provided by us. We may decide to offer to provide another trust deed or other document to compensate your loss; no other warranty or liability will be honored. We will not be responsible for being negligent on any aspect of delivering our services.

We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or cost caused to you directly or indirectly which arises due to providing our services or using our trust deeds. The copyright or ownership of the master trust deed documents rests with the law firm which provides us the legal documents. By using our services, the ownership does not transfer to you. We may decide to change our delivery method at any time.


100% Money back guarantee: if you do not like our documents for any reason, we will be happy to return our fees without asking any questions. This guarantee is valid within 48 hours of purchase. Simply fax us a signed statutory declaration that you have not used our trust deed and have not made any print copies and deleted all emails sent by our system to your email address. Before processing your refund, we will delete the deed from the document manager on our website in your account with us. All refunds will be processed in the same manner as we received your payment. All refunds by credit cards will incur a 4% bank fees.

All refunds after 48 hours will be at our discretion. If you are not satisfied with our deed, you will have to show cause why a refund is required in the circumstance, for example if there is an error in our deed. No further need or requirement of the purchased trust deed or other document will be considered a suitable reason for a refund, as when the trust deed is delivered to you, it is assumed that it has been used by you. For any refund, you must write to us giving us the full reasons for a refund. Please send all letters to the below address or email to


ABN : 32 123 929 984

Suite 3.04, Level 3, 29-31 Solent Circuit

Baulkham Hills NSW - 2153

Phone (02) 9684 4199

9. Use of Phone Number & Email ID

By accepting our “Terms & Conditions” you agree to receive emails & updates regarding our products and also any other important information we wish to provide you with which relates to your account with us. This helps us keep you in loop of any latest developments and enhancements which you, as our user, would require to better use our websites. At anytime if you wish to not receive these updates, kindly unsubscribe using the link which will be provided to you in the mode of communication.


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The client was extremely happy when advised of your charges on SMSF borrowing structure. I was very happy with the standard of documentation and the assistance, for both, written documentation and verbally from your technical department. I specially like the way you have bundled the internal loan document within your bare trust package at no extra charge (particularly, as you are aware that in some cases client's may use borrowed funds secured on their own property and on-lend to the SMSF and not mortgage the super fund property with the bank to save the heavy charges that they levy on super borrowings). Why would I use anyone else other than Trustdeed .com!!!

Gregory H. Diment
B.Bus, F.C.A. JP
Copp Diment & Co

A combination of online instant services, down to earth prices and expert legal and professional advice has made a wining solution. Finally a source which works 24/7. We have found their advice and help to be most suitable and adept for our clients. is no doubt our preferred source for all SMSF and other needs.

Manu Gupta
Principal, M G Arthur & Associates.

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