Under the Corporations Act 2001, all registered companies have some legal and compliance requirements from the date of their registration. If a company fails to meet these obligations, heavy progressive penalties can be imposed. Some of the obligations are as under:

According to the law, every Registered Company -

  1. needs to inform the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) within 28 days, if directors of the company make any changes to the company such as Change of Address, change of shareholders, change of directors, change of shareholders’ and directors’ addresses, share transfer, etc. For this, the directors and members of the company hold meetings, pass resolutions and lodge prescribed forms with ASIC.
  2. needs to pay the Annual Review Fee and pass a solvency resolution every year within a time limit.
  3. shall maintain certain corporate records and make them available for inspection at its office.
  4. those conducting business using a business name must ensure the business name is registered and renewed.


If you fail to notify ASIC of any changes to company within 28 days or fail to pay the annual review fee within the time frame following late fee will be applied by ASIC

  • $93 for up to one month late;
  • $387 for over one month late;
  • additional $387 for each year late.

Your company compliance is in safe hands!

Why worry, when you have experts like us to handle your Company Secretarial service so that you can focus on your business and leave the rest on us. We offer a premium Corporate Secretarial Service to manage your ASIC company secretarial compliance and governance to ensure that changes you make to your company are documented properly and ASIC is notified of the changes. We will prepare all the required minutes and resolutions and lodge the appropriate form with ASIC while you can focus on your business

We provide a wind rage of secretarial services so that companies can meet these corporate compliance and governance obligations. Our Services include:

  1. Keeping company ASIC and Corporations Act 2001 complied at all times.
  2. Preparation and lodging of necessary documents and forms with ASIC after completing all formalities.
  3. Maintenance of corporate register and other records as official company records and
  4. Company’s Annual Review Statement Processing and Solvency Resolutions.
  5. Provision for our office to act as the Registered Office of your company

We provide these services to individuals and professional firms as outsourced services.

Our Services as Company Secretarial Practice

We provide three types of services

Annual Subscription - $165.00 (Including GST)    Order Online

Avail up to 12 changes per year

Services included in Annual Subscription:

  1. Change of Address of Company, Officeholders, and Shareholders
  2. Appointment and cessation of Officeholders- Directors, Alternate Director, Secretary
  3. Issue of new shares
  4. Transfer of shares
  5. Addition or removal of an ultimate holding company
  6. Change to/from special purpose company
  7. Conversion of sole-person company
  8. Change of company name
  9. Constitution of company
  10. Division 7A Agreement

PayAsYouGo Services - $132.00 (Including GST)    Order Online

Pay for every standard change you make (Free of charge for annual subscribers)

Additional Services -     Order Online

Changes not covered under Annual Subscription. (refer to our Additional Service section for more details)

  1. Company Close under Voluntary Deregistration
  2. Reinstatement of Closed / Deregistered Company
  3. Search of Company Records from ASIC
  4. Share Cancellation


I have been using Trust Deed dot Com for quite some time now and find their service second to none. Their order forms are easy to navigate with hints & tips along the way. Their post order review of (particularly) Trust Deeds is a valuable and very much appreciated free service!

Joan Drew
Joan L Drew & Associates (Public Accountants / Registered Tax Agents)

As a accountant, we rely on the strength of a professional firm to keep us up to date with the latest changes and all other relevant matters. You & your team at provide us with prompt, efficient services.

Dickson Hong
Registered Tax Agent
Registered ASIC Agent


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