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I have been a customer of Trust for some time and I have always been impressed with their service. However, I am absolutely indebted to them for pointing out to me that I had made a typo when keying in the ACN of a newly incorporated company. Without this add on service which they provide, all the trust documents would have gone out incorrectly. Thank you so much.

Gail Freeman
FCA, Director
Gail Freeman & Co Pty Ltd (ABN: 57 008 653 683)

Thank You. Your service is quick and easy. I especially like the fact I can save unfinished documents and re-print finished documents that were completed quite some time ago. The review of documents by the legal team has proven on many occasions to be a life saver.

Dani Millynn CPA Pty Ltd (ABN: 76 108 913 506)

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