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Unit Trust Deed

Information - Unit Trust Deed - Cost $165 Incl. GST
$274 Incl. GST If bundled with Corporate Trustee

By using our online system you can build a Unit Trust Deed in less then 20 minutes and receive instant email of

  • Trust Deed of your Unit Trust prepared by a specialist law firm: Batallion Legal.
  • All related legal documents such as, Consents for Individual trustees or consent of Directors of the trustee company to act as trustees of the Trust, Minutes of Trustees to set up the unit trust, Application for Units for each Unit Holder, Certificate of Units, Register of Unit Holders, Register of Issued Units and Register of Transfer of units etc.
  • Instruction sheet on what to do next to ensure that the trust deed is set up legally, that is, how to open bank accounts, share broker accounts; how to apply for Tax File Number & Australian Business Number; how to get the deed stamped & our guidance notes on how fixed unit trust work including some tax benefits prepared by a CPA firm and Registered Tax Agents who have over two decades of experience in setting up tax structures for clients.
Money back guarantee:
if you do not like our legal documents for any reason we will be happy to return our fees without asking any questions.

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Our Package Includes

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The email delivery includes:

  • Trust Deed of your Unit Trust
  • Minutes
    • Consents for Individual trustees or consent of Directors of the trustee company to act as trustees of Unit Trust;
    • Minutes of Trustees to set up the unit trust:
    • Application for Units for each Unit Holder:
    • Certificate of Units:
    • Register of Unit Holders :
    • Register of Issued Units and:
    • Register of Transfer of units
  • Instruction sheet on
    • “What to do next” to ensure that the trust deed is set up legally:
    • How to open bank accounts; broker accounts;
    • Apply for Tax File Number Australian Business Number;
    • How to get trust deed stamped and;
    • Notes on features of trust deed including tax benefits

Our Unit Trust Deed and Documents

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Our Unit Trust Deed and legal documents are written by Batallion Legal; providers of the most technically robust trust deeds - a niche, multicultural, corporate and commercial law firm, with specialist expertise in tax and superannuation. Our online version of the trust deed can either have one corporate Trustee or 3 individuals trustees (for others configurations, please contact our office on 02 9684 4199). Other features of the deed are:

  • Written in plain English and are easy and simple to read;
  • Any number of Units can be issued at any price to maximum 20 (online version) unit holders at the start of the unit trust;
  • Each unit can be owned by 2 joint owners either as beneficial owners or non beneficial owners (e.g. Individuals or trustees of a trust or super fund).
  • All units have the same rights and there is only one class of Fully Paid up units issued to unit holders (for multiple class of units with different rights attached you need to purchase a Hybrid Trust for several tax reasons and misuse of this structure, we do not sell Hybrid Trust online);
  • Each unit is entitled to share of income and distribution of capital depending on their percentage of unit holding at the time of distribution;
  • Trustee has no discretion, whatsoever, as to distribution of income or capital of the trust. All income is distributed to all unit holders according to their unit holding in the trust.
  • Trust deed are always up-to-date as they are constantly reviewed and updated as Government requirements change;
  • Time is not wasted searching for lost deeds, Users (advisors and trustees) have online access to their trust deeds on our innovative Document Manager, 24/7 from anywhere;

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Our unique electronic registration technology means we can offer the fastest service possible at a very reasonable price.

Some of the benefits of using our system are:

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No need to buy Unit Trust Deed from traditional "shelf company formation" providers, you can create your own Trust Deed from specialists, instantly with us:

  • For advisors, clients can sign all necessary legal documents whilst they wait, instead of second appointments for executing documents.
  • Our fees is only $165 (Incl. GST) ! By using our system you save time, energy and money for yourself and your clients.
  • We can also print (optional), professionally bind in a deluxe indexed binder and express deliver anywhere in Australia to your nominated address for an additional fee of $75 (Incl. GST). (Click here for more information.)
  • You can manage all your legal documents on our smart document retrieval system. All documents are stored on our website for ever, secured by your user name and password, for future downloads.

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How It Works

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The process to build Unit Trust Deed, takes less then 20 minutes

  • After you register with us, you simply log on to your secured area (protected by your user name and password) on our website, all unit trust deed & legal documents are created and personalized with answers from you to our online cleverly designed easy questions.
  • All questions come with clues to answers and explanations. At completion of all questions, you confirm answers to all questions and pay us by credit card or EFT or by cheque.
  • We instantly email your newly formed tailored Unit Trust Deed after payment and other related documents and instruction sheet for your needs, any time of day and any day.
  • We store your trust deed (password protected) on our website for you to download from anywhere 24/7 from our innovative document manager.

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Tailor Made Trust Deeds

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Should you want a special unit trust deed with many classes of units with different rights attached to each class with trustee having no discretion as to distribution of income or where the trustee can appoint only bloodline beneficiaries or where trustee can distribute to beneficiaries with certain restriction or a trust deed for a charitable purpose only, please contact us, we can arrange this special deed drafted by Batallion legal at a reasonable price.


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I just wanted to write a quick line thanking you for the fantastic service we have received. Registering our company almost turned into a complete headache until the friendly team from trustdeed quickly walked me through the application process and only a short time later everything was done! Thank you so much for great support making it possible for even "normal people" to get started. Thank you!

Daniela Schneider

We have been using for obtaining actuarial certificates for our clients and their services are excellent. Turnaround is very quick, usually within hours! The question answer style web application is very comprehensive and easy to use and their technical support is rated number one where you speak to a staff member and get it resolved straightway. No waiting in the queues, will happily recommend their service to anyone.

Ruwald & Evans
Chartered Accountants

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