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Our system instantly automatically generates all required documents to update your Self Managed Super Fund and instantly emails them to you.

You can update your current SMSF Trust deed (and keep it updated for the next 5 years), online, by removing (varying) all the clauses of your current trust deed and replacing them with all the clauses of an updated Trust Deed. Our Version 22.01 SMSF Trust Deed - Updated to 1st July 2022 - Click here to read the latest changes.

  • We provide the following documents
    1. “Deed of Variation” and an updated "SMSF Trust Deed" including an updated Product Disclosure Statement prepared by a specialist superannuation law firm: Batallion Legal. The updated deed is annexed to a “Deed of variation” which is executed by the trustees of the fund.
    2. All related legal documents such as,
    3. Minutes of Members / Trustees to update your existing trust deed;
    4. Instruction sheet on “what to do next”
  • How does SMSF Update Works?

    Normally trustees are given power to update their deed by a clause in their existing trust deed. By using this power the Trustees can update their SMSF trust deed. We have developed an online form which takes less than 20 minutes to complete, by providing information on the online form, trustees can update their SMSF Trust Deed.

    The Steps involved in updating the deed are

    1. After you register with us, you simply log on to your secured area (protected by your user name and password) on our website, all SMSF update legal documents are created and personalized with answers from you to our online cleverly designed easy questions.
    2. All questions come with clues to answers and explanations. At completion of all questions, you confirm your answers to all the questions and pay us by credit card (Master card or Visa) or EFT or by cheque. If you have any questions on how to answer our online form, you can contact us via telephone or via online chat. Please note that although the support line is manned by very highly qualified and experienced accountants and tax agents, we cannot provide any legal advice that you should or should not update your SMSF deed.
    3. We instantly email your newly formed tailored Deed of Variation and your updated SMSF Trust Deed and other related documents and instruction sheet for your needs, any time of day and any day 24/7.
    4. We store your trust deed (password protected) on our website for you to download from anywhere 24/7 from our innovative document manager.

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  • Why your SMSF trust deed should be up to date?

    Super legislation governs the rules and regulations for SMSFs, the fund deed is a critical competent to ensure that the fund is managed in accordance with current law.

    Deeds were generally recommended to be updated on three previous occasions:

    1999: ‘Excluded Funds’ became ‘Self-Managed Super Funds’, preservation & in-house assets

    2007: ‘Simpler Super’ contribution & retirement rules

    2017: Legislation passed in 2016, retirement phase and transfer balance cap

    2021: To Allow 6 member funds and other indexation measures

    It is wrong to assume that Superannuation law regulates how a superannuation fund must operate, this role is of the Governing Rules of the fund which prescribes superannuation law to the fund. There are many areas of law such as the SIS Act, SIS Regulations, ATO decisions, Case law & common strategies which change after fund establishment and warrant the trust deed of the fund to be updated.

    SMSF Trust Deeds should be up to date to ensure trustees have powers to benefit from all legislative changes. It is a myth that deeming clause in a deed which proclaims any change in law is automatically to be included in the deed, trustees must note that any relevant power or authority of the trustee must be conferred to them by its governing rules. You need a living and breathing trust deed.

    To be sure that the fund governing rules have all the necessary powers to administer the fund and to assure auditors that all actions taken by the trustee are supported by the funds trust deed, trustees must ensure that their fund's trust deed is always compliant with current legislation to avoid any administrative penalties.

  • If you are an advisor, download a sample letter inviting your existing clients to update their SMSF trust deeds

    If you have 10 or more SMSF deed to be updated, please subscribe to our voucher package to enjoy our reduced-price benefit. click here for more information.

    We can update your SMSF Deeds in bulk, instead of one by one - by importing SMSF data into our update engine, download blank data excel file.

    Future changes in law are unpredictable. With your client’s smart investment of further $330 (Incl. GST) for "unlimited 5 year updates" which is purchased at the time of updating SMSF deed, they can be assured that their deeds are always up to date for the next 5 years without any further cost. This fee is fully tax deductible to your clients SMSF in accumulation phase

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  • Lost Trust Deed

    If you have lost your trust deed you will need a “Deed of Confirmation” and a new trust deed. Click here to learn how you can order a Deed of Confirmation

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As a accountant, we rely on the strength of a professional firm to keep us up to date with the latest changes and all other relevant matters. You & your team at provide us with prompt, efficient services.

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