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Know what does it mean to be a Shareholder of the Company (21 min)

FPA CPD 0.5 hours – Generic Knowledge – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 04.11.2016

  • What is a share of the company?
  • When is it compulsory to issue shares to members?
  • Who can be a member?
  • Issue of share certificates
  • How Meeting of Members is conducted.

How to set up a Company in Australia (20 min)

FPA CPD 0.25 hours - Generic Knowledge – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • What is a Company?
  • How to register a company?
  • Information required to register a company
  • Consents required before setting up a company
  • Applicable Operating Rules of the company - Constitution or Replaceable rules

Avoid company name hiccups while setting up a company (20 min)

FPA CPD 0.25 hours - Generic Knowledge – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • What are restrictions relating to company name
  • How to reserve a company name
  • How to register a company with already registered business name

Responsibilities of a Company Director under Corporations Act 2001 (17 min)

FPA CPD 0.25 hours - Generic Knowledge – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • Be aware of dangers of being a non-complying Director of a Company
  • Know in which situation your personal assets can be in jeopardy
  • What does the Corporations Act requires from a company Director
  • Responsibilities of a Director towards stakeholders
  • Tips and Traps to reduce Directors personal liability

SMSF Auditors "Duty of Care" to Trustees for Loss of Investments (68 mins)


  • Detail case study "Cam & Bear Pty Ltd Vs McGoldrick"
  • How can actions of an auditor cause an investment loss to a SMSF?
  • What Can SMSF Auditors do to protect themselves?

What are Crypto Currencies and how SMSF invests in them (64 mins)


  • What are Crypto Currencies and how SMSF invests in them
  • Market Valuation of Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies
  • Where trustees can go wrong and what Auditors needs to check

10 things you should know about Downsizer Contributions (42 mins)


  • What are the rules of Downsizer Contributions - Audit Issues
  • Who & How much can you contribute
  • Why should you contribute and Who does it suit

What is the Sole Purpose of an SMSF (65:56 mins)


  • Investments Rules to avoid Breach
  • ATO powers to unmask Trusts and Sub-Trusts
  • Auditing tips on some unique investments

Allocation of SMSF Income to members (66:08 mins)


  • Is segregation of assets for pension members allowed? - ECPI issues
  • What is the meaning of "Fair & Reasonable" Allocation
  • SMSF Auditor Duties in checking Allocation of Income to various fund members

My client, an SMSF Member has just died - What do I do now? (61:51 mins)


  • Situations where not to use binding Death Benefit Nominations
  • Death when member is on Pension Age - Transfer Balance Account requirements
  • Trust Deed puzzle: Reversionary Pensions Vs Death Benefit Nominations

Total Superannuation Balance - What is it and how to Measure it (75:45 mins)


  • Personal Contributions to Super
  • Home Loan Vs Concessional Contribution - Secrets Unveiled
  • Super Strategies for Boomers
  • How Generation X should play their cards under new legislation

LRBA - In & Outs of Loan from a Related Party (1:12:02 mins)

  • What is LRBA and a Related Party & Which Related Party should lend to a SMSF
  • Div 7A & Safe Harbour Rules
  • How repayment of Loan can Credit your Balance Transfer Cap Account

Running a pension in an SMSF post 1st July 2017 (1:19:35 mins)

  • Maintaining a Balance Transfer Account
  • Merging Pensions - is it still a good idea
  • Re-Contribution Strategies - are they still alive
  • Two SMSF's - What the Trustees & ATO want

Importance of Valuation of Assets under New legislation (1:36:03 mins)

  • How to Value SMSF Assets
  • Valuation of Assets in context of CGT Relief
  • Why is Total Superannuation Balance important
  • Strategies around valuation of assets

SMSF - Claiming CGT Relief for SMSF Assets (1:30:01 mins)

  • Ins and Out of claiming CGT Relief on fund assets - Only what you need to know
  • How to record an report the CGT Relief
  • Strategies around Claiming CGT Relief
  • Which SMSF's should NOT be making an election

ATO_s New view in calculating exempt current pension income

  • What is the new ATO's view on ECPI and when does it apply from
  • Which SMSF's will be affected
  • How to manage this change and achieve a better result for SMSF's
  • Strategies which you should implement and discuss with your clients

Actuarial Certificate requirements post 1st July 2017 now for only $55

FPA CPD 0.5 hours – SMSF– Approval no. 009210 expiring on 22.06.2018

  • New 1.6 million transfer balance cap
  • The CGT cost base relief for the segregated and proportionate method
  • Some case studies on how funds will apply ECPI % going forward together with CGT relief

New contribution provisions post 1st July 2017 (46:17 mins)

FPA CPD 0.75 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 009144 expiring on 25.05.2018

  • New concessional and non-concessional contribution caps
  • New concessional catch-up provisions
  • Total super balance - new limit on non-concessional and some other contributions
  • Transitional non-concessional rules
  • Removal of 10% test
  • Contributions to constitutionally protected funds
  • Fund capped contributions
  • Key issues, actions and strategies pre 30 June 2017

Pensions Strategies post 1 July 2017 (96:36 mins)

FPA CPD 1.5 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 009120 expiring on 25.05.2018

  • New $1.6M transfer balance cap and excess transfer balance penalties
  • CGT cost base relief (segregated and proportionate methods)
  • TRIS issues and removal of tax benefits and Lump sums and minimum pension requirements
  • Internal commutations and key issues, actions and strategies pre 30 June 2017

Part 3 of 3 Part Series :Planning for Death in a SMSF- Issues to consider

FPA CPD 1.25 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660

  • Reversionary vs. Non Reversionary Pensions
  • Converting taxable to tax free component
  • Testamentary trusts

Part 2 of 3 Part Series :Planning for Death in a SMSF- Issues to consider

FPA CPD 1 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 04.11.2016

  • Death benefit Planning Tools in an SMSF: binding death nominations, auto-reversionary pensions and the Will
  • The importance of the trust deed and what can go wrong
  • Case law to discuss planning loop holes

Part 1 of 3 Part Series :Planning for Death in a SMSF- Issues to consider

FPA CPD 1.0 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 04.11.2016

  • What are death benefits and what are its taxable implications?
  • Who can receive death benefits and what forms can it take?
  • Case laws to discuss various dependency and inter-dependency situations?

New era for Accountants in SMSF Space – Post 1st July 2016 (1 hour)

FPA CPD 1.0 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 05.08.2017

  • What did the accountants exemption mean?
  • What can an unlicensed accountant do post 1st July?
  • Now you are licensed. What now?
  • How to operate under your own license or as an Authorized Representative of a licensed entity.

Related party borrowing- New rules (48 mins)

FPA CPD 0.75 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 05.08.2017

  • Has your SMSF borrowed from a related party?
  • Are you concerned about the new ATO measures announced in PCG 2016/5 ?
  • What steps do you need to ensure that your borrowing is compliant ?

Property Development in an SMSF (30 mins)

FPA CPD 0.5 hours – SMSF– Approval no. 007660 expiring on 24.11.2016

  • Can you run a business in an SMSF?
  • Can I use a related party builder to develop property in an SMSF?
  • What are the tips and traps?

Independence requirements relating to SMSF audit engagement (22 min)

FPA CPD 0.5 hours - SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 23.10.2016

  • Threats to independence
  • Factors that impact the significance of a threat to independence and the appropriate safeguards
  • Some scenarios involving SMSFs in which independence requirements would be breached

Collectables in your SMSF (29 min)

FPA CPD 0. 5 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • Restrictions on collectables
  • Pre- and post- 1 July 2011 assets
  • Defacto barrier

The Nitty Gritty of ECPI deduction (42 min)

FPA CPD 0.75 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • What is Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI) and how is it calculated?
  • What are the common methods used?
  • Some Scenarios when actuarial certificate is required and when it is not required
  • How expense deduction is claimed in an SMSF with ECPI?

Materiality in Planning and Performing an SMSF Audit as per Australian AS 320 (24 min)

FPA CPD 0.5 hours – SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • Introduction to Materiality in the Context of an Audit
  • Determining Materiality and Performance Materiality When Planning the Audit
  • Use of Benchmarks in Determining Materiality for the Financial Report as a Whole

Can a Self Managed Super Fund conduct a business? Surprisingly YES, But.... (28 min)

FPA CPD 0.5 hours - SMSF – Approval no. 007660 expiring on 12.10.2016

  • SMSFs are not prohibited from carrying on a business
  • Sole Purpose Test & Arms length dealings with Trustees
  • Issues with Investment Strategy of the fund, fund borrowing, acquiring assets from related parties
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I did not expect a reply till some time next week and on Sunday, I send a support service request at about 6 pm, and then 20 minutes later, I have your expert reply. WOW, this is extraordinary support. There need to be no other better word said about your extraordinary excellent support services. All those out there trying to set up a company, you are at the right place. Thanks and best regards

Allan Tong
Director & Trustee

I contacted support people with a technical problem related to borrowings in a SMSF. The quick and out of box solution I got from their team was just amazing. Their help and support went beyond what was expected of them.
And having travelled all the way from Brisbane to Sydney to attended few seminars presented by Trustdeed technical director Mr. Manoj Abichandani, I can say that it is time and effort well spent.
I will happily recommend their services to anyone.

Campbell McCart
B.I.T. Accountants

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