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SMSF Trust Deed - 5 Years Unlimited Update Service

Trustees / One Time Users

You can keep your SMSF Trust Deed Updated automatically for next 5 years for an additional $165 (Incl. GST)

What is automatic unlimited 5 Year Update Service?

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At the time of ordering your client's New SMSF trust deed or updating your client's existing trust deed, you will be given an option to purchase unlimited updates for next 5 years for an additional cost of $165 (Incl. GST).

Your client's trust deed may also be compulsorily required to be updated in future. These future amendments or updates, may be initiated whenever the following events occur:

  • Change in SIS Act or Regulation or by an act of Parliament, or
  • Change in ATO interpretation of any Legislation, or
  • New Income Tax Act (Law) passed by Parliament affecting SMSF, or
  • New case laws decided by courts which flows through to SIS Act (eg family law), or
  • Any development of new Strategies by SMSF Professionals.

We anticipate that our trust deed will be updated at least once a year.

You will not be required to do anything to keep your client’s trust deeds up to date.

Future changes in law are unpredictable. With your client’s smart investment of $165 they can be assured that their deeds are always up to date for the next 5 years without any further cost. This fee is fully tax deductible to your clients SMSF in accumulation phase.

This 5 years unlimited update service can be purchased only once; that is at the time when you are purchasing your clients New SMSF trust deed or updating existing SMSF trust deed and, cannot be purchased separately.

If law changes and you are compulsorily required to update your client’s trust deed – each update will cost $125 on our website.

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How does automatic update service works?

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The procedure to automatically update is very simple. Our trust deed has a special clause which allows two entities to update the trust deed in future, namely, the trustees and a special purpose non-trading entity called “Deed Administration Pty Ltd” which is controlled by us. When ever there is need to update our deed, Batallion Legal, will provide us with a new trust deed.

The following steps are then taken to update your trust deed automatically:

  • Deed Administration Pty Ltd will execute a “Deed of Variation” for all clients who have paid for unlimited updates as on that date.
  • Deed of Variation will remove all the governing rules of your existing trust deed and replace them with governing rules of the new trust deed. This is the most efficient and industry accepted practice, instead of line by line amendment.
  • In the rare situation the trustees may decide not to vary the deed to the latest legislation, the trustees can prepare minutes not to accept this variation as the ultimate control of all variations lies with the trustees, namely, you.
  • After executing the “deed of variation” we will then send an email to you advising you that an update of the trust deed has been placed on the website along with reasons for updating & highlighting the benefits of using an updated trust deed.
  • You can simply visit our website, log on to your secured area and download the deed of amendment and your new updated SMSF trust deed. These documents can also be emailed to you if you wish. There is no need to print as all updates will be available online 24/7 from anywhere.
  • The new updated trust deed along with the original deed will be your new set of governing rules.

Before the end of the first five year period, we will give you enough time (three months) to renew your service for the next five years.

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Bulk Updates for Accountants, Financial Planners and Advisors;

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If you have 10 or more clients, we can visit your office to update your entire clients' SMSF trust deeds to our system without any cost to you.

Or we can update all your clients’ SMSF trust deeds in our office and courier you printed copies of “deed of variation” and the “new deed”. We will need data of all your SMSF Clients from you to conduct this bulk update, Click here to download blank data excel file.

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Excellent service - easy to follow, logical sequence with right clarification available. Benchmark for aspects of my service.

SuperDiligence Pty Ltd

Thanks Trust deed that was so quick..I'm up and running in a matter of minutes!! Awesome!

Abhishek Narwania
Senior Consultant
Forbes Accounting & Business Consultants Pty Ltd

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