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Why the services are so low priced? Company Formation for only $113

We believe that our services are fairly priced in the market place. Our mission is to make our quality documents as affordable as possible. We are easily able to run a successful business and ensure that top quality documents are delivered to you.

Each time when you form a company it costs us only  about $7 by charging about 10 times or $70 we feel there is enough recovery of capital cost and profit for us. This may leave you wondering why you are currently paying 20 to 30 times to your suppliers.

Your answers to our cleverly designed structured questions, with clues to answers and explanations to questions, create a perfectly customized trust deed & documents in 20 minutes, for your needs and are emailed to you instantly. Our system allows you to store (protected by password) all deeds and other documents on our website for future update and download through the internet, instantly via email.

How does one purchase legal document from the website?

Once you register on our website, you log on to the secured area and order documents.

How do I pay for the documents?

Once you have answered to our simple structured questions, you will be prompted to pay via credit card or pay via EFT bank transfer or mailing us a cheque or a Money Order.  If you pay via credit card, all documents will be emailed to you instantly. If you decide to pay via EFT bank transfer or mailing us a cheque or Money Order, the main document will be emailed to you once we have received payment from you.

Once you have completed the document and paid us, all documents are stored in the section "Finished Documents" in the secured area, however, if you have not paid us, the documents will be "Finished Documents" are under "Unpaid Document". You can then simply decide to pay us by credit card and get instant delivery of all legal documents.

Paying by Credit Card is Secured

Our website is secured by GeoTrust using Quick SSL and by utilizing 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can be rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

Can I change the documents once I have paid for them?

Once you are creating a document, you can exit at any time by clicking "Save & Exit" and come back at another time to finish the document, however once the documents are purchased, they cannot be amended, they can be downloaded 24/7, at any time, as they are stored on our website.

Has the Tax Office or any other Government body approved our legal documents?

All legal documents are written by Batallian Legal - a niche, multicultural, corporate and commercial law firm, with specialist expertise in tax and superannuation.

Explanations to questions and clues to answers to our structured questions are written by qualified CPA,registered tax agent & SMSF Specialist Advisor with over two decades of setting up tax structures for clients. The tax office or any other body does not approve any service provider, however they check if you have complying trust deeds are not. Hence it is imperative that you have the most current and suitable trust deed for your needs.

We also provide help with all your questions and Batallian legal is always available to answer any technical query on any of their legal documents. We can arrange for you to speak to batallian legal. If you have any query, do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9684 4199.

What format are the documents emailed?

We send you documents in PDF for windows format with .pdf extensions.


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I am very happy with the quick and profession services provided by Rashmi ( I was confused and had many questions regarding the setup of SMSF and Rashmi was really helpful by supporting me through Chat, email and phone. I will use their services in future for sure and will recommend other to do the same.

Apurv Bhalla | Principal & Director
CPA , M Acc , B Com,
Cert IV Fin. Mortgage Broking
Registered Tax Agent

The best customer service ever. Explained all I needed to know. Went beyond the call of duty. Best money ever spent.

Nilesh Vasoya
Tax Accounting Australia

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