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Seminar 28th March Novotel Parramatta - 4 Seats Left

Session have been upgraded - as below

08.30 AM   Registration

09.00 AM    How to Maximise ECPI Deduction  - Manoj Abichandani 

11.00 AM    Morning Tea

11.30 AM    How to complete an Audit in half the time - Manoj Abichandani

01.00 PM    Lunch

02.00 PM   Machine SMSF Financial Audit

03.45 PM   Seminar Close and Afternoon Tea


Cost: $165 (Includes 6 CPD Hours and 10 Free audits on - Value $187)  

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Can a Machine Audit an SMSF?  YES, But only financial audit.


If the machine knows which listed share in what quantity is owned by the SMSF  -  then it will be very easy for the machine to work out Dividend income and closing share prices and changes in market value. If you feed the value & term of fixed deposit, the machine will be able to predict interest income of the fund.

Now let's take this a notch up - imagine if the machine knows the value of the property and its post code, if the right algorithms are fed in, the machine will be able to predict annual rental income, strata and can work out its land tax expense etc... compare all this to the funds trial balance figures - you will have a discrepancy report adjusted to your material risks - Financial Audit completed in one click - This is what we are creating at online SMSF audit.


OCR and SMSF Audit

OCR stands for Optical character recognition, OCR technology is where the machine finds & displays a certain character, figure or a word in any one or multiple selected documents. Our recent enhancement will focus around finding various figures in trial balance, dividends etc in the documents uploaded by the client for the funds audit.

This new enhancement should save you audit time by finding trial balance / dividend figures etc in the mountain of documents uploaded by the client. We are also upgrading our documents pages - where any character / word can also be found from all the documents uploaded in the current year or any previous years audit. To see this OCR technology in action - attend one of our seminar close to you and see how this enhancement will save you time in each of your SMSF Audit.


Let us show you...

How to reduce SMSF Audit time in half!

Do more with less ...




Parramatta: 28 March 2019 - Novotel

Brisbane: 02 May 2019 - Sheraton Four Points 

Sydney: 06th June 2019 - Hilton CBD

Melbourne: 18th July 2019 Parkview St.Kilda

Timings: 9:00 am to 04:30 pm


Cost: The fee for seminar is $165 Incl. GST and is tax deductible(Plus Travel) - Includes 10 Free Audits worth $187



Technical Session: Audit of Funds with Pension members above Transfer Balance Cap Amount; Actuarial Certificate and Strategies: SMSF audit under the new regime of Contributions / Total Superannuation Balance

Audit Tool: Do more with less time using an Online Audit Program


SMSF Auditors spend too much time in financial audit and completing manual audit working papers, our online software does most of this work automatically & saves half your time as compared to traditional auditing methods.

It checks closing share prices, dividends received from ASX and all mundane tasks of signing, scanning & mailing of audit report, Mgt. letter, engagement letter, Invoice & contravention reports etc. are automated with one click of a mouse.

Embrace an efficient framework for high quality audits and conduct audits on a flawless workflow Management system. Achieve peace of mind & confidence of knowing that you are using a completely up-to-date online checklist and cloud process to deliver a robust, hassle free top quality SMSF audit. Improve communication with accountants & trustees.

Manage 20 or 2000 audits by streamlining workflow from our smart Audit Manager & establish seamless communication between all parties. Our online SMSF audit system is the only tool which can deliver reliability, speed and volume and ultimately profits for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Download Features Booklet

Benefits/learning outcomes

Audit from anywhere, anytime from any device on your own website or by integrating with ours. Increase audit effectiveness, add value, reduce audit risk, drive SMSF compliance, revolutionise your business. Included in the fee is an account to audit 10 SMSF on the online platform worth $187 and Lunch. Those auditors who are already using the online software will benefit by learning new shortcuts and other advanced features of the online software. 

Recommended For

All SMSF ASIC approved auditors.

CPD Hours

2 Hours CPD in Superannuation and 4 Hours CPD on auditing SMSF's Total 6 CPD hours under self assessment method under RG 243.88 - 90 and SISA 128Q and SISR 9.04

RG 243.89 You will need to complete 120 hours of CPD over each three-year period, which must include 30 hours of development on superannuation and at least 8 hours of development on auditing SMSFs.

SISR 9A.04 (3) (b) be development that could reasonably be expected to enhance an approved SMSF auditor's technical skills or professional service delivery.

Attendee Requirements

Attendees may bring their own Laptops / Ipads for a better understanding - although some attendees may get more from the workshop by looking at the facilitators screen



Mr Manoj Abichandani

Manoj has worked in SMSF since 1988 and is SMSF Specialist (UNSW). He was providing high level advisory services to over 600 funds in his own 3 partner CPA tax practice for 19 years and has written this online software. He currently works as SMSF Technical Support Team Leader at

He has hands on knowledge on what happens in a tax practice on high level of SMSF practical issues.



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