ATO says that It is our obligation as a Tax agent or as a BAS agent to ascertain that a client is a genuine taxpayer and that they are who they say they are.

The TPB Code of Conduct does not specifically provide guidelines around verifying a person’s identity, however it is becoming increasingly important to know your client and perform an identity check in order to minimize the chance of identity fraud and cybercrime. This applies especially to new clients, but you are within your rights to perform an identity check for existing clients if you notice unusual changes or transactions.

It is the obligation of a registered tax or BAS agent to ascertain that a new client is a genuine taxpayer and that they are who they say they are.

An increasing number of agents are accepting new clients from online channels rather than those clients coming to their premises. There is a heightened risk for you dealing with information in an online environment, particularly with clients you have not physically met.

For any online or electronic transaction, you still need to take appropriate steps to be satisfied that the:

  • client is a genuine taxpayer
  • client is who they say they are and the identity has not been stolen
  • information they are providing to you is correct and can be substantiated.

What proof of identity checks you have to make are available on the ATO website click here to read further. 

We have a solution - digital signatures and Identity verification
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How to Start using digital signatures 
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