Death of a Trustee - What to do when a Trustee of SMSF dies & audit pressure points!

Thank you for attending the webinar on 12th May 2021.

The recorded webinar is uploaded on our website. You can access the recorded webinar by visiting our website and click on Technical Videos > SMSF. Please refer to the image below:  

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Solution to APES 110 - Independence Issue

If your firm is auditing internally and are still un-decided on who will audit all your SMSF's from 1st July 2021 to meet the new independence requirements of APES 110 -  please contact our office on 02 9684 4199 and speak to Vaibhav or visit 

We have a perfect solution for you - we have over 40 SMSF Auditors for you - all at a fixed fee - visit


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